Nice to meet you!

I wanted to take this first blog post as a chance to really introduce myself and share a bit more about Greymalkins; what it is and how it came to be.

Hi, I’m Liffey and Greymalkins is quite literally the embodiment of all the things I love wrapped up in one place (plants, art, coffee, pottery, cats, a touch of whimsy and the ridiculous to name a few).

Everything you see available on our website is made by me in my studio (which is actually our garage but calling it the studio makes it seem fancier) with the help of my two studio assistants-Rosie and Misty. They’re my cats and are also who you’ll see featured in our logo. Seeing the sticker of them on your package lets you know that they’ve both signed off that what’s inside is safe and ready to make its way to its new home.


Just so you know a bit more about them, they’re both rescues. Rosie is the fluffy grey potato who is my shadow and Misty is my sweet little night fury who can’t stay still long enough to capture her beauty very often (hence her featuring less on our various platforms but fear not, she's as equally involved as Rosie).

A bit more about me, just so you know who’s making the products you’re seeing on the website. I’m a trained artist, I majored in painting and sculpture at the Michaelis School of Fine Art and am now using those skills to make functional ceramics. I do still paint but pottery and illustration is slowly becoming what I spend the majority of my time doing.

Why the name Greymalkins? Greymalkin is an archaic term for a cat (are you seeing a theme yet?). Scottish legend makes reference to the Greymalkin as a fairy cat that dwells in the highlands. They’re also familiars, guardians of their people, and the name also appears in Shakespeare as the name of one of the witches' familiars. It felt like the natural choice for a name.

At the moment we’ve launched with a variety of products-we hope you find something that tickles your fancy. More products will be developed and added over time so don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date. I promise not to spam, no one likes a company who sends endless newsletters, it’ll probably be a monthly wrap up. You can also follow our instagram (@greymalkins_za) for a more candid, behind the scenes look at how products come into being.

I’m also a strong believer in that there are no mistakes when it comes to art-this is where the Misfits section of our website comes in. Not every firing will go to plan, it’s the nature of the beast, so anything that isn’t 100% perfect will be available at discounted prices under the Misfits tab. Anything you see there is completely functional but may have an extra beauty mark or two. It’s also a handy section when you’re on a budget-sometimes you want to treat yourself but it may have been a tough month. Hopefully this section can help with that.


At the end of the day I want to make products that bring a smile to your face but also that I would want in my own home. I feel like it’s a good sign if I make something and end up wanting to keep it, which I’ll be honest, happens a fair amount. So welcome little Malkins, I’m so excited to have you here and see where this journey takes us!

Nice to meet you!