About us

Here at Greymalkins we specialise in quirky plant pots and whatnots. All our products stem from a belief that the items that you bring into your life should bring you happiness in some way. Everything we create is a fusion of the things we love-art, pottery, animals, plants and the wonderful world of textures and colours. 

100% handmade soap bar

Greymalkins is based in Cape Town and run by Liffey Joy, a plant collecting, art making, cat loving artist who decided to combine these passions together under one roof. That’s how Greymalkins came into being.

Everything you see available is a once off product handmade by me-Liffey- meaning no two pieces of pottery are alike. Products like stickers and books are also also designed in house meaning everything you see here is true to the Greymalkins ethos of quality, functionality and fun.

 We’re so happy to have you join us and become part of the Greymalkins family.

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