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Plant Diary

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This plant care tracker has been created in collaboration with Mamma’s Plants. Both of us are avid plant collectors and understand the need to keep track of all your planty tasks. The Plant Diary is the ultimate plant care tracker, keeping all plant-related chores in one place.

Inside you’ll be able to keep note of your collection, wishlist plants, and plant swaps as well as use our handy seasonal care guides to know when to start adjusting how you look after your plants.

The monthly tracker lets you tick off when you’ve watered, fertilised and cleaned as well as giving you space to make note of anything you’ve done or observed that month (eg. new plants acquired, fertilisers used, pests noticed and on which plants etc). Colour-coded pages make it easy to see which season we’re in at any given month.

The notes section is there for you to be able to expand on these monthly observations as well as to keep all planty information you learn together. There’s space for sketching as well to allow you to track growth through drawing, plan out what you want your planty corners to look like or just have a doodle while you’re dreaming about your next plant purchase.


Size: A5
Number of pages: 86 pages